Plan for the week ahead

As promised, I sat down last night, made the plan for the week ahead (food and exercise) and then did the food shopping online.

The plan begins Monday – which is good since I have had some mummy friends round for a playdate this morning and we scoffed Victoria sponge (with strawberries and raspberries may I add) and brownies!!

I now sit typing and catching the occasional glimpse of my second chin in the laptop screen – I can see where that cake went.

Well, I know we always say, “the diet starts on Monday” but for me it really does. I know tomorrow I am taking my little brother birthday present shopping and I’ve promised him dinner out too. What is the point in saying I’ll start tomorrow because I will just make myself feel guilty when I undoubtedly sit scoffing something with chips :-/

So it begins Monday, and yes I may well have the odd cheat meal once I begin because who doesn’t, but 95% of the time I will be compliant. I need to be, I am on bridesmaid countdown.

Anyway, let’s get to it:

Nutrition for the week


– Fruit salad and Greek yoghurt with chopped nuts


– Roast chicken with salad


– Steak with salad

– Homemade chicken nuggets with salad

– Chilli con carne with a handful of brown rice

– Chicken with salad

– Homemade burgers with sweet potato chips and salad

Exercise for the week

Monday – Keep Mums Fit Postnatal

Wednesday – Mel Gibbons Postnatal

Thursday – Firm & Fit Postnatal

Friday – Yoga Postnatal

There we go, all planned, all written down  I am now accountable to all of you!!

I will have gained weight and inches on Monday I know for a fact!! I am prepared for this – although when I confirm this on Monday I will be really down about it, so be prepared for the post!!

However, all I need to think is, I am doing something about it now, and I will continue to do something about it. I won’t always be 100% but I can try to be good 95% of the time.

I am feeling very optimistic this week – so roll on Monday, the dreaded measurements and pictures.

Each week I will do my measures and the pictures I will do very month – remember I have 8 months!! eeeek!!

Bye for now,

The Sweaty Mummy



Big Mistake, Big, Huge!

I made the big mistake of stepping on the scales this morning.

I know that I haven’t been great food wise this week, but I have had the false hope that since I’ve started exercising more then the weight will be dropping off.


I know that the food we eat is actually more important than the exercise we do. I mean don’t get me wrong, exercise is important, we all need to be active. However, weight-loss won’t come if you exercise but continue to eat like a fool.

In what world can you eat bowls of ice-cream and lose weight? Definitely not in my world that is for sure. This is what I’ve been doing, why? I have no clue because I have a goal. I have 8 months to lose this pregnancy weight and eating bowls of ice-cream every night is not going to get me to that goal.

I have fallen into the trap of thinking the weight is coming off and so now I can be a little lazy about it. Well obviously I can’t. It is not like before I was pregnancy when I was slim and fit and I could get away with occasional binge and I could barely tell (well back then I could, but in hindsight, not so much).

No I am 3 stone over weight and I am not going to lose it until I start being food smart.

So today, I will be planning my meals / snacks for the next week and I will post my plan on here for all to see later.

Bye for now,

The Sweaty Mummy


My current fitness regime

Hi All,

Having had a C-section, I was unable to commence exercise as quickly as I would have liked. However, I do think it was a blessing in disguise, why? Because I know that if I’d had a vaginal birth, I would have started exercising much sooner, maybe within a week.

I think this would have been a mistake, but because I love exercising so much and because I wanted to start getting my pre-pregnancy body back ASAP I know full well I would have done this.

Our bodies need to recover though, no matter what type of birth we had, we should be resting it up for at least the first 6 weeks before taking part in exercise again (maybe a bit of mild walking is okay).

We need to listen to our bodies, and a lot of the time we don’t. However, having a C-section forced me to rest it up – any other time if we had major abdominal surgery we would force ourselves to rest (God we would be happy for the rest most likely). When we have a C-section, it is so normal that we just get back on it, we have to, we have a baby to look after.

I started back on the fitness plan at week 8 (and by fitness plan I mean incorporating my old style type workouts back into my regime – I had been walking since about 3 weeks post C-section, which may I add was really difficult, I couldn’t believe how much just walking hurt).

At week 8 I started training with The Goddess again at Keep Mums Fit (postnatal class) every Monday, and this is a 6 week course (I’ve done 4 sessions so far). Also that same week I started postnatal yoga every Friday.

Now I am nearly 12 week postnatal and this Wednesday I incorporated a new fitness class with an old friend, Mel (Melanie Gibbons Personal Trainer) she specialises in pre and postnatal fitness and has a great class for new mummies.

So as it stands my fitness plan looks like this for the next couple of weeks:

Monday – Keep Mums Fit*

Wednesday – Mel Gibbons Postnatal Fitness*

Friday – Yoga

On the other days I may add in a walk here and there with the little one and at the weekends if I have a spare 45 minutes I will do one of my postnatal DVD’s* (so far I’ve tried Davina’s and Tracy Anderson’s).

*updates & reviews to follow

Although there is obviously a cost involved for these classes, I think it is worth it to know that you are training in the safest way possible after having a baby. Plus the classes teach you so much you might not have known about before e.g. ab separation, and focus on exercises that are most beneficial after having had a baby e.g. the core and pelvic floor.

So far, I am really enjoying what I am doing and I will continue to update you and do final reviews on everything I do as well as post pictures as I progress showing the changes to my body.

Take care,

The Sweaty Mummy



A little bit of blog planning

Hi All,

So I have been a little all over the place with my blog posts recently, I apologise. I have knocked up brief posts (mainly whilst feeding / winding the little one) and sent them out without even really considering whether it fits with my ultimate direction of this blog.

The ultimate direction of your blog is important. When I started out in January this year that I wanted to reach out to other mummies who want to workout and eat healthy but might be finding it difficult with work, fitting in the big shop, doing the chores, looking after the kids. Oh and that little thing called sleep. Sometimes I can’t even imagine fitting in a workout, and more often than not recently I cannot be bothered to knock up a mega healthy meal in the evening when all I want to do is sit down eat ice-cream and watch Love Island #guiltypleasures

However, it is important that we find the time sometimes, we need to keep a section of our lives separate from the madhouse that is life. I don’t know about you but I actually enjoy working out, I don’t see it as a chore, it is a hobby (or at least that is how I felt before pregnancy). So since having my little girl, I have got back into it expecting to feel the same, but I don’t. I want to workout. I want to keep fit. But I also want to spend time with my little girl and my other half. I also want to have a rest when I get the chance. Then there is the fact that I don’t feel myself anymore.

What do I mean? Well before pregnancy I was a different person to the one I am now – my personality and the way I look.

I was fit and I knew it, so I wasn’t embarrassed about going to fitness classes or the gym because I knew I would always be able to do (or at least give it a good shot) anything that they asked me to do. Now I look like a sumo wrestler, rolls and rolls of fat everywhere and I feel embarrassed. I have known larger people tell me in the past that they hated going to the gym because people would stare, and I just used to say “ignore them, you should feel good because you are doing something about it” but now I know what they meant.

Before my little girl, I’ll admit it I was quite selfish when it came to working out. I would always put a workout before anything. My other half used to always say if I had to pick between a workout and him, I would always pick the workout. Sadly that is probably true. Now my family mean more to me then anything, not that they didn’t before, but having a baby suddenly makes you realise that life is special and we only get one of them. I want to be with them all the time. When we are all free together e.g. my other half isn’t working, or we don’t have people visiting, I want to spend time with them. I don’t want to be throwing on my workout clothes a DVD and shutting myself away for an hour.

Unfortunately, we need to keep active though so we have to fit these things in somewhere, and although it is difficult sometimes, it can be done. I wanted to show all other mummies out there that us “real” mummies can do it.

We don’t have to feel ashamed because of our “jelly belly” we created and gave birth to life we should be proud. And now we just want to get back into shape and feel good.

So to cut a very long story short (sorry I have rambled on for a long time there guys), my blog will focus on my fitness goals over the next 8 months (for now) because at the end of those 8 months I am a bridesmaid for my sister-in-law.

During those 8 months I have quite a bit of weight to lose and I would like to get some of the jelly belly toned up and the cellulite on the thighs and ass worked on – so that is the direction of my blog for the foreseeable.

I will share with you, my workout plans, my nutrition plans (including measurements and weight-loss over the 8 month period) and photographic evidence along the way.

I can’t say that I won’t add in the occasional anecdote about my gorgeous little girl, and I will probably have the occasional rant / debate on some news article that has caught my eye – but the ultimate direction is the fitness regime and getting to that end goal.

Wish me luck.

Take care,

The Sweaty Mummy


Feeding Support Groups

Want help with breastfeeding? There are support groups galore.

Want help with bottlefeeding. There is, oh wait, there is nothing.

I wanted to breastfeed. Whilst pregnant I bought the breastpump and the milk strorage pots and was totally prepared for it.

In our NCT classes we were signposted to all the breastfeeding support groups should we need it. Great. Fab. Thanks.

Several weeks later, the NCT glorified birth didn’t happen, and instead my “body that would only make a my baby at a size it could handle” couldn’t actually handle it and having progressed an amazing 2cm in 19 hours (note sarcasm) I was sent down for an emergency csection.

Thankfully my little girl was fab and healthy but my body which “is made for this” was quite poorly. My little one managed to latch on immediately (once I was stitched back up) and got a good 45 minutes feed – yeah we had this shit down – but as it turned out, breastfeeding for me just wasn’t to be.

My little one couldn’t latch on anymore, I kept losing consciousness because of excessive blood loss, and not only was she struggling but it wasn’t safe for her either.

I tried the breastpump so that even if I was too unwell to feed her, my other half could, but I was only expressing 5ml in 45 minutes. The midwife said this was “great” I wasn’t so sure and I could almost hear my little one shouting “mummy, don’t listen to her, look at the size of me, do you think 5ml is going to touch the sides”

I fed her the 5ml, and I did continue trying, but after 48 hours my little girl wasn’t happy. I wasn’t happy.

Cue the ‘mini meltdown’ and the most amazing midwife EVER – Rio at Jessops – I will find her to say thanks one day!!

She found me a private room and, after stripping naked throwing my tired ass on the bed and flashing everyone who lived in the houses opposite, she talked me through my options. I made the decision to try the bottle. She didn’t judge, finally a midwife that didn’t make me feel guilty or try to convince me against my better judgment

My little one guzzled 70ml.

“5ml is plenty” they said, my little one did not agree and from that moment niether did I. I made the best decision for my little girl, I was going to bottle feed.

Happy baby = happy mummy. Happy mummy = happy baby.

For us bottle feeding was the way to go and I was happy with our decision.

But was I?

I found myself justifying myself to every mummy I met who sat with their baby latched on to the breast. I found myself feeling ashamed that I wasn’t breastfeeding my baby. I felt pushed out in certain mummy groups because I wasn’t breastfeeding.

But wait, my little girl was happy. As a baby she did what babies need to do – poo, wee, feed, sleep (and she slept bloody well) and gain weight. So what have I got to be ashamed of?

Now she is 11 weeks old and thriving. She has always had a fab night time routine and in my opinion (and according to the Wonder Weeks app, which is obviously right) she is very advanced for her age.

So why should I be ashamed that my little girl is being bottlefed. I’m not, not anymore.

What I would like to know though is WHERE ARE THE BOTTLEFEEDING SUPPORT GROUPS?

If I was breastfeeding I have support galore but if I ask a question about formula, sterilising, storage – no one really knows. When I say noone I mean doctors, midwives and other health professionals. There are however thousands of women (mummies like me) that need support I see it on the message boards – mumsnet, Baby Centre etc and we try to support each other best we can online but we need that face to face guidance too. To be in a room with women who have the same problems and questions as us.

We wonder why there is a massive breastfeeding vs bottlefeeding debate and why it seems breastfeeding mums and bottlefeeding mums are against each other. Well maybe it is because we are segregating, maybe it is because one is deemed to be “better” than the other.

Here is an idea, why don’t we have ‘feeding support groups’? Isn’t the most important thing in all of this the fact our babies are being fed (however that may be) and that we as mums feel supported and can obtain guidance on all things to do with feeding.

I think it is sad that breastfeeding mums don’t really understand the issues a bottlefeeding mum faces e.g. I’ve known breastfeeding mums call bottlefeeding mums lazy (I can assure you, cleaning and sterilising and making up a bottle to meet the exact time of your little ones feed is not easy, and it is definitely not the act of a lazy person).

On the flip side, bottlefeeding mums, including myself don’t appreciate or understand the issues a breastfeeding mum might face.

Why because it is likely one has never done the other?

A feeding support group for all mummies and their little ones, to talk and share their experiences would not only help them find the guidance they need but also understand and appreciate both sides and maybe help to start bringing this judgmental debate to a close.

What are your thoughts?

Bye for now,

The Sweaty Mummy

End of Week 4 #TheFitMummyManual

It has been 4 weeks since I truly started my post pregnancy weight loss journey.

I haven’t been “fit mummy manual” compliant this week. My food intake has not been great at all, but Ive increased my activity.

So what naughty food have I had this week? One night I had a pizza, another night I had a kebab with chips and then Ive had two afternoons out with mummy friends eating cake with a latte 😯

Exercise wise, Ive done my postnatal Keep Mums Fit class, postnatal yoga, Davina’s postnatal DVD and Tracy Andersons postnatal DVD.

I don’t hold out much hope for the measurements if Im honest. However, whatever the numbers say cannot take awake from the obvious difference Ive made to my body in 4 weeks. Check it out.




So in just 4 weeks I am happy with the difference in my body. Imagine what I can do by Good Friday 2016 (Im a bridesmaid for those that dont know already).

Measurements and (the overall loss in 4 weeks):

Weight: 12st 9.4lbs (5.6lbs)
Waist: 88cm (5cm)
Stomach: 100cm (2cm)
Hips: 115cm (3cm)
Thighs: 59cm (6cm)
Bust: 99cm (4cm)

I was wrong, the figures are pretty good too.

What do you think to the pictures, can you see a difference? The pictures and figures show that despite not always being able to stick to it, if you have some level of structure & discipline to your nutrition and activity levels it doesn’t take long to start seeing results 😀

Looking forward to the next 4 weeks 😆

Bye for now,

The Sweaty Mummy

Pre & Post Pregnancy Before Pictures

So I actually started my weightloss journey on 18th May, it has taken me some time to upload this post. You will understand why once you scroll down.

Before I started I wanted to take some pictures and measurements so I have a baseline for all future measurements. Yuk!! I’m sorry in advance for making your eyes bleed.

Before pregnancy.


I thought I was fat here


Never appreciated it

Before I popped


18th May 😥





Weight: 13 stone 1lb
Waist: 93cm
Stomach: 101cm
Hips: 118cm
Thighs: 65cm
Bust: 103cm

I have NEVER had measurements like these so it is a very bleak morning for me. I know there will be people who are or have been bigger than this so I am not being rude to you guys – but it is all relative to how YOU perceive yourself.

These measurements to me are a shock… I have never had a 40″ tummy (but I am only 6 weeks postnatal) or 46″ hips!! Wowsers!! If anything is going to make me stick to this plan it is those figures.

Also I am a bridesmaid on Good Friday 2016 I need to get my shit together.

Sorry if I have made your eyes bleed but putting these out there help me to feel accountable. I know my personality, and I know I need to feel accountable to help me stick to it.

Hope you enjoy my journey, I may be starving and mardy the majority of the time, but hey, Good Friday 2016 (focus).

Bye for now,

The Sweaty Mummy