Exercises of the Week: 7 Minute Arm Workout

Hello Sweaty Mummies,

It’s #FitnessFriday here to provide you with my favourite exercises of the week – this week the focus is on our arms.

I’ve never had big arms – fat or muscular – they are just “average”.

So you can imagine my shock when, during my 20th week of pregnancy, I found what can only be described as cellulite on my upper arms, not much and probably not even noticeable by others, but still it was there. I never thought you could get cellulite on your arms – you only get it on your thighs right?*

*Collins English Dictionary – Cellulite is lumpy fat which people may get under their skin, especially on their thighs. 

WRONG! “Especially on their thighs”, yeah right, well now it is especially on my arms…

It was only right that the first #FitnessFriday should be dedicated to my new found friend “arm fat”.

I use dumbbells between 1.5kg – 2.5kg (3lbs – 5lbs) – always use what you are comfortable with – especially if you are pregnant (like me). Alternatively you could do it without weights and simply use body resistance.

I found this particular arm workout on the XHIT YouTube channel here http://bit.ly/1I3vtX9  and it is only 7 minutes long – you could do it twice through 🙂

  • Outward Adbductors
  • Hammer Curls
  • Kickbacks
  • Havyk Raises
  • Outward Curls
  • Tricep Extensions
  • High Pulls
  • Curl Holds
  • Close Grip Push-Ups (I did this with my knees on the floor)

Outward AbductorsOutward CurlsKickbacks

*All pictures are screenshots taken from XHIT Daily – 9 Exercises for Toned Arms video and you can subscribe to XHIT Daily here http://bit.ly/1BWePoF


Bye for now,

Sweaty Mummy