I am the Sweaty Mummy.

This blog originally started when I had about 15 weeks of my pregnancy to go. The plan was to blog about my workouts and nutrition during what is a difficult time when it comes to keeping fit and eating healthy.

Unfortunately I didn’t anticipate the last part of my pregnancy being so difficult with finishing work (I just didn’t have time for the blog) and end of pregnancy “issues”. Anyway the short version is… I neglected my blog.

Now I have joined the postnatal side and I think I might finally be able to find the time (despite being knee deep in poop most of the time) to write.

At this moment in time I am not 100% sure about the direction of my blog, I just know that I love writing and during any free time I manage to get this is what I would really like to do.

I have always been into my fitness and nutrition so I think that will be the majority of my chat on here, however, I have a little one now as well so no doubt I will (despite promising myself I would never be “one of those mums”) bore you with stories of how “amazing” my child is 🙂

Eventually I would like to set-up my own YouTube channel and do a bit of Vlogging, since I hear this is now the “in thing” – got to keep up with the times right?

In the meantime, I hope you still enjoy my journey.

Take care,

The Sweaty Mummy



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