Where the hell have you been?

I know!! Where have I been?

I enjoyed the rest of my maternity leave with my little girl that’s where (who is now 14 months by the way! How the chuff did that happen?)

Now she is making friends at nursery, manipulating the nursery staff into thinking butter wouldn’t melt, getting her own way at the grandparents and learning how to throw almighty tantrums.

Yes tantrums. Throwing herself on the floor, her hands on her face, screaming like it is the end of the world. What the actual? I thought we had another 10 months before those fun times kicked in. Those drama classes I anticipated sending her to in a few years time, she doesn’t need them.

We currently spend a lot of our time with one of us trying to keep a serious face whilst the other runs out of the room sniggering. Once she sees us laughing, well it is all over, we might as well hand over the I’M THE BOSS OF THE HOUSE badge to her now.

Other than the tantrums she is pretty awesome. She makes us smile and laugh without fail every single day. She is funny, intelligent and simply gorgeous – inside and out. I created this little person. How did that happen? She is just the best.

I’m back at work. Full-time. It was hard, I miss her loads but do you know something – she is so giddy to see me when I get home. She runs to me for a hug and a kiss. The week I went back to work was the week she started saying “Mama” the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.

Yes it is hard. Yes I’d love to spend time with her every day. But quite simply I think she was getting sick of my face. During the last few weeks of maternity leave I could almost hear her thinking, “Her again? She is needy. She is with me 24/7. Get a life lady” it was written all over her face.

So I went back to work. My baby girl didn’t need me so much anymore she wanted to grow. Go out and make friends. Plus, there is nothing better for a little girl than seeing her mummy going back to work. It isn’t just daddy that works – something she has heard for the last 12 months “Where’s daddy? He has gone to work”

Mummies work too. I miss her undoubtedly. But I think it is important for her to see me being independent, working and being a success. Recent research suggests that girls are found to be more intelligent, successful and reach the higher ranks in their role if their mummy works too. Blah blah. I’m never sure about such research, it is probably a load of crap but hey it makes me feel better πŸ˜„

I just make sure that I get home from work with plenty of time to see her before bedtime. Then at the weekend it is all about family time. I think it is working out really great. While she is happy and smiling and thriving I’m not going to worry. I would like to put in a request though, can the tantrums hold off for another few months please? They sometimes throw a spanner in the works when I’m imagining our weekends of fun, laughter, pretty flowers and birds tweeting!!

So, there have been a lot of changes since I last wrote. Lots of 1st birthday parties, many developments (she is walking and a little miss chatterbox) and we are very happy πŸ˜ƒ

I neglected my blog but I just didn’t have the time. My little girl wanted me and when she was napping – well I had the washing and cleaning to do (but mainly catching up on Sky recordings).

I’d love to write. I wish I’d turned off Grey’s Anatomy and written a blog about how big her poo was that day. I would have loved to look back on it 😐

I’m not really sure what I’ll be writing about – being a mum, tantrums (probably mine mainly) working, getting my bikini body back (in between scoffing pizza) – whatever I fancy. It might bore you sometimes, but that is life.

P.S. she is currently napping and I could have been catching up on my recordings so you better be enjoying this post

Bye for now.

The Sweaty Mummy



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