Coffee, Cake and Weight-Loss

Hi All,

So the last time I posted it was to moan about all the coffee and cake I was being forced upon me (yes forced, I in no way have a mind of my own). Mummy Networks are dangerous… 😉

Since then I’ve rejoined Slimming World, needs must, I had weeks where I did great with my nutrition but then I would slip up because I wanted a little bit of the “naughty” things. On Slimming World though, nothing is “naughty” and for someone like me, who will feel guilty if I’m not meant to have it on a particular diet – then this is good for my mental health. Trust me, it would send me insane.

When I rejoined SW I was weighing in at 12stone 11.5lbs that was 2 weeks ago. Since then I’ve followed the diet (except for one slip up – my slip-ups are major, major in a “scoffing10 chocolate Freddos hiding away in the spare bedroom” major) and exercised 3x per week achieving a loss of 4.5lbs in 2 weeks.

I haven’t redone my measurements because I’m going to do them on a monthly basis now, I think I’m more likely to see a change monthly rather than weekly,. This will help motivate me more and I’ll be more inclined to stick to it.

So watch this space, in two weeks time I’ll be posting my measurements AND an update on my “After” picture 🙂

On the menu tonight Dalmatian chicken with Croatian salad – are you eating well tonight?



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