Motivation – Fitbit Charge HR

The fitness wristbands do get some negative press sometimes about their accuracy however, I think they help to motivate and psychologically can help make you (or at least me) feel better.

So after the debacle that was yesterday (or as I like to call it the day that time forgot) I received my new Fitbit Charge HR. I bought it because I have started doing more intense workouts and I like to track my HR and see what calories I’ve burned. An added bonus is that it also:

– counts my steps per day;

– tracks my calories in/out (I can log my food diary on the app / website);

– tracks my sleep pattern; and

– counts my floors (elevated walks e.g. the stairs or a gradient when out walking)

So what is today looking like for me (so far @ 10pm):

1. 4,889 steps

2. 1,348kcal in / 2,140kcal out (with 416kcal remaining and holding a deficit of 500kcal)

3. 7hours 59mins sleep (8mins awake & 49mins restless)

4. 4 floors

5. And the main reason I bought it, I burned 177kcal doing a circuit training workout this morning. What is good about the app / website is that based on the HR it breaks it down e.g. 19 mins cardio and 8 mins fat burn

My stats today aren’t fantastic (apart from the calories, which I’ve managed to stick within the zone today).

I was surprised how little you do walk in a day unless you make a conscious effort to get out and do a walk.

I got the Fitbit yesterday and so I started my stats from 12pm midday (missing the first 1.75mile walk that I did that morning). However, my stats looked like this:

1. 7,239 steps

2. 2,038kcal in / 2,257kcal out (although it appears that my kcals are under, 281kcal over e.g. I need to create a deficit of 500kcal per day to lose 1lb per week)

3. I was unable to log my sleep from the previous night

4. 10 floors

It also makes me drink water, which I can be pretty shit at, because you have to log it. Yesterday I logged 2,100ml of water and today 1600ml. This may seem simple to some of you, but I really need reminding / motivating to ensure I drink my daily water intake, which is strange because I love water. I just forget.

So in my opinion, the fitness wristbands are good for me, they help motivate me by making me think and remember. It surprised me how few steps we make in a “normal” day, and there is no way I could meet the 10,000 per day if I didn’t make the effort to take a walk (or got a job as a postman).

Unfortunately, the thunderstorm threat today prevented me from taking a walk, despite wanting to. The good thing though is that I still managed a circuit training workout this morning which is better than nothing.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings with the Fitbit.

Bye for now,

The Sweaty Mummy



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