Mummy & baby coffee morning = BISCUITS!!

Hi All,

Biscuits, my mortal enemy.

I am not overly keen on sweet food so why oh why do I continue to stuff my face with chocolate chip cookies?

I am enjoying being a mummy and whilst I was pregnant I love meeting the girls for coffee and cake. However, now I’m trying to lose weight but people still want to eat cake and biscuits.

Us new mummies take it in turns to invite our little mummy & baby gang around to our houses. Everyone else has put on a lovely spread, including lots of cake and other naughty foods.

Therefore, I can hardly put out bowls of fruit, vegetables sticks and nuts. Or should I?

Well I won’t today, because this is the first one that I have done and I do actually want them to continue being my friends. But going forward, I think if I talk to them enough about my plan to lose weight and eat clean / exercise going forward, then they should understand.

Or the other alternative is that I get some control over my God damn hands and stop picking up the cake and biscuits.

So this morning, I’ve walked 1.75miles to the shop with the pram (and baby of course) and picked up some chocolate chip cookies and chocolate Hob Nobs. According to my app I’ve burned approximately 220 calories – so can I have some biscuits with my coffee please?

Probably not because as soon as I walked in the door, having convinced myself on the walk home to not have more than 1, maybe 2 maximum with my coffee when the mummies arrive – I opened the cookies and scoffed 3, yes 3 of them in less than 30 seconds. Followed by a chocolate Hob Nob.

No control around biscuits. This is why I don’t get them in the house.

Suffice to say, going forward the mummies might have to deal with fruit, vegetables, houmous and nuts with their coffee.

Day 2 of my “plan” and it has all gone to cop!! Not impressed with my lack of willpower.

This does not mean I write off today, I sort out my shit and obsession with biscuits (which are currently sat on the table starring at me tempting me to have “just one more” and “you are fat anyway, what is one more biscuit going to hurt”) and I get back on it.

Chicken salad for lunch and chicken nuggets (made with fresh chicken rolled in all seasons spice, a bit of garlic salt and almond flour) with salad for dinner.

Don’t judge me for the biscuits I’ve eaten today – I normally am so dedicated to my cause :-/

Bye for now,

The Sweaty Mummy



One thought on “Mummy & baby coffee morning = BISCUITS!!

  1. moderatemum says:

    I would LOVE it if I came round for coffee and you offered me some plump, juicy grapes or a fresh slice of melon! Not only would it help me with ,my healthy eating, it would feel so chic 🙂


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