Oh dear, Monday blues!

Well it was to be expected, I knew this day was coming and I knew it wasn’t going to be good :-/


Weight –  12st 10.8lbs (+ 1.6lbs)

Waist – 88cm (+ 0.5cm)

Stomach – 96cm (+ 1cm)

Hips – 113cm (- 1cm)

Thighs – 60cm (+ 0.5cm)

Bust – 99cm (+ 1cm)

Yep, I’ve definitely taken a few steps back but I am now focused, I have to keep on this. It is difficult sometimes. As you know I managed 4 weeks and did pretty well, but then I thought that because I’d done so well I could eat fish & chips, pizza, KFC, ice cream – yes the list does go on.

Did I really believe the measurements would show anything different? No, I didn’t, I knew this is how it was going to be but it doesn’t make it any easier.

There is no point on dwelling on it (who am I kidding, of course I’m going to dwell on it) and let’s just get on with doing something about it.

Today I’ve had my fruit salad with Greek yoghurt, chicken salad and then a steak salad for dinner. I’ve had pistachio nuts, raisins and dark chocolate for snacks.

Exercise today was Keep Mums Fit postnatal class and today it as really good – lot’s of cardio style jumping around followed by some strength/toning. Then obviously we finish up with the core / pelvic floor exercises. Next week will be the last KMF class, so I will be writing a review on the postnatal class as a whole soon – watch this space!

Day one down – 6 more to go (although in reality I have 8 months to go, but I prefer to break it down so not to feel overwhelmed).

Good day to you all.

Bye for now,

The Sweaty Mummy



One thought on “Oh dear, Monday blues!

  1. andijsinger says:

    I’ve got a severe case of Monday blues too… car got broken into last night and then I forgot my lunch at work 😦 Hope the week turns out well for you

    Liked by 1 person

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