Where the hell have you been?

I know!! Where have I been?

I enjoyed the rest of my maternity leave with my little girl that’s where (who is now 14 months by the way! How the chuff did that happen?)

Now she is making friends at nursery, manipulating the nursery staff into thinking butter wouldn’t melt, getting her own way at the grandparents and learning how to throw almighty tantrums.

Yes tantrums. Throwing herself on the floor, her hands on her face, screaming like it is the end of the world. What the actual? I thought we had another 10 months before those fun times kicked in. Those drama classes I anticipated sending her to in a few years time, she doesn’t need them.

We currently spend a lot of our time with one of us trying to keep a serious face whilst the other runs out of the room sniggering. Once she sees us laughing, well it is all over, we might as well hand over the I’M THE BOSS OF THE HOUSE badge to her now.

Other than the tantrums she is pretty awesome. She makes us smile and laugh without fail every single day. She is funny, intelligent and simply gorgeous – inside and out. I created this little person. How did that happen? She is just the best.

I’m back at work. Full-time. It was hard, I miss her loads but do you know something – she is so giddy to see me when I get home. She runs to me for a hug and a kiss. The week I went back to work was the week she started saying “Mama” the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.

Yes it is hard. Yes I’d love to spend time with her every day. But quite simply I think she was getting sick of my face. During the last few weeks of maternity leave I could almost hear her thinking, “Her again? She is needy. She is with me 24/7. Get a life lady” it was written all over her face.

So I went back to work. My baby girl didn’t need me so much anymore she wanted to grow. Go out and make friends. Plus, there is nothing better for a little girl than seeing her mummy going back to work. It isn’t just daddy that works – something she has heard for the last 12 months “Where’s daddy? He has gone to work”

Mummies work too. I miss her undoubtedly. But I think it is important for her to see me being independent, working and being a success. Recent research suggests that girls are found to be more intelligent, successful and reach the higher ranks in their role if their mummy works too. Blah blah. I’m never sure about such research, it is probably a load of crap but hey it makes me feel better 😄

I just make sure that I get home from work with plenty of time to see her before bedtime. Then at the weekend it is all about family time. I think it is working out really great. While she is happy and smiling and thriving I’m not going to worry. I would like to put in a request though, can the tantrums hold off for another few months please? They sometimes throw a spanner in the works when I’m imagining our weekends of fun, laughter, pretty flowers and birds tweeting!!

So, there have been a lot of changes since I last wrote. Lots of 1st birthday parties, many developments (she is walking and a little miss chatterbox) and we are very happy 😃

I neglected my blog but I just didn’t have the time. My little girl wanted me and when she was napping – well I had the washing and cleaning to do (but mainly catching up on Sky recordings).

I’d love to write. I wish I’d turned off Grey’s Anatomy and written a blog about how big her poo was that day. I would have loved to look back on it 😐

I’m not really sure what I’ll be writing about – being a mum, tantrums (probably mine mainly) working, getting my bikini body back (in between scoffing pizza) – whatever I fancy. It might bore you sometimes, but that is life.

P.S. she is currently napping and I could have been catching up on my recordings so you better be enjoying this post

Bye for now.

The Sweaty Mummy



Post Workout Snacks

What do you eat after a workout?

Do you eat at all?

Do you put 100% into a workout only to go home and reach for the chocolate?

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry we’ve all done it of that I’m sure. In fact I did it this weekend, I was having my PT session that afternoon. My other half asked me if I wanted anything fetching from the shops for lunch. I could have said no, I could have said “oh yes please, I’d love a chicken salad for lunch”

Instead, “Get me a cheese and onion sandwich, LARGE, from the sandwich shop” yep, and if that isn’t bad enough, “Oh and get me some salt and vinegar crisps as well”

What was going through my head? I’ll tell you. I’d just done the weekly shop which consists of fruit, veg, meat, nuts – you catch my drift? So I decided that lunch was going to be my “last supper”

So, I went to the gym and I had my PT session and felt amazing, only to go home and stuff my face with cheese, bread and mayo and feel slightly sick afterwards.

It is hard sometimes, I know, you think after such a good workout you deserve a treat, but you are only doing yourself an injustice. You have worked so hard, don’t let your post workout snacks (or any meal) stop you from achieving your ultimate goal – whatever that might be.

Your post workout snack could possibly be the most important meal of the day. Why?

Muscles store excess energy in the form of glycogen and protein and, when you workout the body burns fuel from your pre-workout meal, then it breaks down glycogen stored in muscles. Within a few hours of working out, muscle protein drops and muscles begin to break down. However, within a 45-minute window, your body is the most responsive with absorbing carbohydrates and protein.

Men’s Fitness

With this in mind we need to think about what we are putting in to our bodies immediately after a workout – think protein and carbs.

I mean good protein and carbs. If I had a ÂŁ1 for every time I’ve said this to people and I get something back like, “Well a burger is protein and the bun is carbs” mwah haha, yes hilarious, but you know that isn’t what I meant. Did anyone ever tell you, you should’ve been a comedian?

Anyhow I digress, you will see that there is ONE ingredient in every single one of my post-workout snacks. What is it?

My Top 3 Post-Workout Snacks are:

3. Almond Flour Pancakes with Banana and Raw Almonds


2. Vegetable Sticks (cucumber, carrot, pepper) with Houmous and Cashew Nuts


  1. Plain Greek Yoghurt with Berries and Chopped Nuts


Did you get it right?

That’s right, NUTS!!

Nuts are full of protein, fibre, essential fats and antioxidants. They are no longer seen as the “unhealthy” snack, in fact they are actually one of our better snack options (try and stick to a handful a day and always the raw kind) and can actually help reduce our waistline. They help fill us up for longer so that we are less likely to reach for the unhealthy snacks e.g. a quick piece of chocolate, or a bag of crisps. A shame, I know, but worth it in the long-term.

Nuts.com seem to have got it right and do a wide range of healthy nut-based snacks YUM YUM – in fact read their blog about the Top 5 Nuts to Improve Health and make sure that you start trying to include them in your daily snacks.

Nuts.com are based in the US and are a family run business since the 1920’s – WOW – and they now deliver to the UK – Whoop Whoop. They do healthy snacks for all kinds of situations – snacks for kids, snacks for work, vegans, quick snacks, high protein snacks and something else very close to my heart Gluten Free snacks (my dad has Coeliac Disease – so it is always great to see companies that take gluten free products seriously).

Remember, if you put 100% in to your workouts, don’t go home (or stop off at the shops / fast food place) and snack on the foods that hinder your progress. Grab some nuts, at the very least, to help refuel and reload – but if you have the time try one of my post-workout snacks above or check out Nuts.com.

Bye for now,

Sweaty Mummy


**UPDATE** Fitness & Nutrition

Yep, I know, I have been rubbish. I haven’t posted for 25 days however, I do have quite a bit to share because it has been so long.

I’ve now lost 8.5lbs doing Slimming World (although I’m not allowed to do it anymore, more on that in a second) in 5 weeks.

I’ve signed up for 3 months of personal training sessions with the lovely Katie Salt of Firm & Fit in Sheffield. Yes 3 months, I am totally dedicated to shifting this baby weight now, I want to look and feel good about myself again. I want my little girl to be proud of me and my other half to fancy me.

But more importantly, I have a bloody bridesmaid dress to fit into next March. Eeeek :-/

My personal training sessions started on Monday 10th August and they will finish on 31st October – so that is a pretty good run of working out. Plus I’ll have to be on the nutrition too otherwise she will probably kick my ass.

So no more Slimming World – she has her reasons, which we have discussed, and in all honesty I probably agree. However, I have to say I do enjoy the SW classes for the image therapy and social aspect. Although, at least while I am doing these personal training sessions I will be eating cleaner and in line with her preferred nutrition.

My measures were taken by my trainer and she also took her own before pictures – but I’ve done my pictures too, just to compare it with the one (yes THE one) I took only 4 weeks after having my little girl.

I can’t remember what my measurements are, but they will be taken along with my weight every 6 weeks. When I do know my first comparison measures then obviously I’ll be sharing so watch this space.

Wow I have to say, even just having doing 3 circuit classes per week, I’ve achieved a great deal and I am very proud of myself.

However, I still have at least 2st 7lbs to lose and hopefully I’ll shift the majority of it over the next 3 months.

Here are my current before and after pictures – I’ve done great right?

Facebook-20150815-100330 Facebook-20150815-100348 Facebook-20150815-100401

I’ll post this weeks nutrition plan tomorrow too.

No more cake for this mummy (well maybe the odd slice).


Coffee, Cake and Weight-Loss

Hi All,

So the last time I posted it was to moan about all the coffee and cake I was being forced upon me (yes forced, I in no way have a mind of my own). Mummy Networks are dangerous… 😉

Since then I’ve rejoined Slimming World, needs must, I had weeks where I did great with my nutrition but then I would slip up because I wanted a little bit of the “naughty” things. On Slimming World though, nothing is “naughty” and for someone like me, who will feel guilty if I’m not meant to have it on a particular diet – then this is good for my mental health. Trust me, it would send me insane.

When I rejoined SW I was weighing in at 12stone 11.5lbs that was 2 weeks ago. Since then I’ve followed the diet (except for one slip up – my slip-ups are major, major in a “scoffing10 chocolate Freddos hiding away in the spare bedroom” major) and exercised 3x per week achieving a loss of 4.5lbs in 2 weeks.

I haven’t redone my measurements because I’m going to do them on a monthly basis now, I think I’m more likely to see a change monthly rather than weekly,. This will help motivate me more and I’ll be more inclined to stick to it.

So watch this space, in two weeks time I’ll be posting my measurements AND an update on my “After” picture 🙂

On the menu tonight Dalmatian chicken with Croatian salad – are you eating well tonight?


Motivation – Fitbit Charge HR

The fitness wristbands do get some negative press sometimes about their accuracy however, I think they help to motivate and psychologically can help make you (or at least me) feel better.

So after the debacle that was yesterday (or as I like to call it the day that time forgot) I received my new Fitbit Charge HR. I bought it because I have started doing more intense workouts and I like to track my HR and see what calories I’ve burned. An added bonus is that it also:

– counts my steps per day;

– tracks my calories in/out (I can log my food diary on the app / website);

– tracks my sleep pattern; and

– counts my floors (elevated walks e.g. the stairs or a gradient when out walking)

So what is today looking like for me (so far @ 10pm):

1. 4,889 steps

2. 1,348kcal in / 2,140kcal out (with 416kcal remaining and holding a deficit of 500kcal)

3. 7hours 59mins sleep (8mins awake & 49mins restless)

4. 4 floors

5. And the main reason I bought it, I burned 177kcal doing a circuit training workout this morning. What is good about the app / website is that based on the HR it breaks it down e.g. 19 mins cardio and 8 mins fat burn

My stats today aren’t fantastic (apart from the calories, which I’ve managed to stick within the zone today).

I was surprised how little you do walk in a day unless you make a conscious effort to get out and do a walk.

I got the Fitbit yesterday and so I started my stats from 12pm midday (missing the first 1.75mile walk that I did that morning). However, my stats looked like this:

1. 7,239 steps

2. 2,038kcal in / 2,257kcal out (although it appears that my kcals are under, 281kcal over e.g. I need to create a deficit of 500kcal per day to lose 1lb per week)

3. I was unable to log my sleep from the previous night

4. 10 floors

It also makes me drink water, which I can be pretty shit at, because you have to log it. Yesterday I logged 2,100ml of water and today 1600ml. This may seem simple to some of you, but I really need reminding / motivating to ensure I drink my daily water intake, which is strange because I love water. I just forget.

So in my opinion, the fitness wristbands are good for me, they help motivate me by making me think and remember. It surprised me how few steps we make in a “normal” day, and there is no way I could meet the 10,000 per day if I didn’t make the effort to take a walk (or got a job as a postman).

Unfortunately, the thunderstorm threat today prevented me from taking a walk, despite wanting to. The good thing though is that I still managed a circuit training workout this morning which is better than nothing.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings with the Fitbit.

Bye for now,

The Sweaty Mummy


Mummy & baby coffee morning = BISCUITS!!

Hi All,

Biscuits, my mortal enemy.

I am not overly keen on sweet food so why oh why do I continue to stuff my face with chocolate chip cookies?

I am enjoying being a mummy and whilst I was pregnant I love meeting the girls for coffee and cake. However, now I’m trying to lose weight but people still want to eat cake and biscuits.

Us new mummies take it in turns to invite our little mummy & baby gang around to our houses. Everyone else has put on a lovely spread, including lots of cake and other naughty foods.

Therefore, I can hardly put out bowls of fruit, vegetables sticks and nuts. Or should I?

Well I won’t today, because this is the first one that I have done and I do actually want them to continue being my friends. But going forward, I think if I talk to them enough about my plan to lose weight and eat clean / exercise going forward, then they should understand.

Or the other alternative is that I get some control over my God damn hands and stop picking up the cake and biscuits.

So this morning, I’ve walked 1.75miles to the shop with the pram (and baby of course) and picked up some chocolate chip cookies and chocolate Hob Nobs. According to my app I’ve burned approximately 220 calories – so can I have some biscuits with my coffee please?

Probably not because as soon as I walked in the door, having convinced myself on the walk home to not have more than 1, maybe 2 maximum with my coffee when the mummies arrive – I opened the cookies and scoffed 3, yes 3 of them in less than 30 seconds. Followed by a chocolate Hob Nob.

No control around biscuits. This is why I don’t get them in the house.

Suffice to say, going forward the mummies might have to deal with fruit, vegetables, houmous and nuts with their coffee.

Day 2 of my “plan” and it has all gone to cop!! Not impressed with my lack of willpower.

This does not mean I write off today, I sort out my shit and obsession with biscuits (which are currently sat on the table starring at me tempting me to have “just one more” and “you are fat anyway, what is one more biscuit going to hurt”) and I get back on it.

Chicken salad for lunch and chicken nuggets (made with fresh chicken rolled in all seasons spice, a bit of garlic salt and almond flour) with salad for dinner.

Don’t judge me for the biscuits I’ve eaten today – I normally am so dedicated to my cause :-/

Bye for now,

The Sweaty Mummy


Oh dear, Monday blues!

Well it was to be expected, I knew this day was coming and I knew it wasn’t going to be good :-/


Weight –  12st 10.8lbs (+ 1.6lbs)

Waist – 88cm (+ 0.5cm)

Stomach – 96cm (+ 1cm)

Hips – 113cm (- 1cm)

Thighs – 60cm (+ 0.5cm)

Bust – 99cm (+ 1cm)

Yep, I’ve definitely taken a few steps back but I am now focused, I have to keep on this. It is difficult sometimes. As you know I managed 4 weeks and did pretty well, but then I thought that because I’d done so well I could eat fish & chips, pizza, KFC, ice cream – yes the list does go on.

Did I really believe the measurements would show anything different? No, I didn’t, I knew this is how it was going to be but it doesn’t make it any easier.

There is no point on dwelling on it (who am I kidding, of course I’m going to dwell on it) and let’s just get on with doing something about it.

Today I’ve had my fruit salad with Greek yoghurt, chicken salad and then a steak salad for dinner. I’ve had pistachio nuts, raisins and dark chocolate for snacks.

Exercise today was Keep Mums Fit postnatal class and today it as really good – lot’s of cardio style jumping around followed by some strength/toning. Then obviously we finish up with the core / pelvic floor exercises. Next week will be the last KMF class, so I will be writing a review on the postnatal class as a whole soon – watch this space!

Day one down – 6 more to go (although in reality I have 8 months to go, but I prefer to break it down so not to feel overwhelmed).

Good day to you all.

Bye for now,

The Sweaty Mummy